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1Want the best basshead headphones? We've got top lists for bass-heavy cans and IEMs. We might be wrong, but at least we're confident.

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2Got ears that just won't quit? Yeah, us too. These are all of the headphone earpads we have measurements for, our aurally-endowed friends.

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  • Basshead.Club’s Latest

    • Focal Clear Review The Focal Clear headphones are a new $1500 open back offering designed and developed in France. They look absolutely stunning! I had an opportunity to take these home and demo them for several days. Rather than a compiled retrospective review, I decided to present stream of consciousness impressions. This will reveal the journey I took while ...
    • Luckbad’s Current Gear – Late 2017 I’ve been known to go through gear rather… quickly. I’ll try something and turn it around within a week or so if it doesn’t sing to me. I even sell stuff I enjoy at times if I’ve overspent or if I’m particularly curious about something else out there. This has blown through more money than ...
    • Updates: MHDT Labs & S/PDIF Battle I’ve updated the MHDT Labs review to include the new TDA1541A-based Orchid: http://www.basshead.club/mhdt-labs-pagoda-stockholm-atlantis-and-canary/ And the S/PDIF Battle roundup now includes the new Schiit Eitr: http://www.basshead.club/spdif-battle-mutec-singxer-lynx-rednet-et-al/ Enjoy!  
    • Brainwavz HM2, BLU-200, and B200 It’s been a long time since my last review here at Basshead.Club. Real life and work cut out my ability to properly maintain the site and even listen to music nearly as much as I’d like. That being said, it’s time to start catching up. Here, we have a trio from Brainwavz, a company that has ...
    • Holo Audio – Spring DAC – Level 3 – “Kitsune Tuned Edition” I recently received a Holo Spring Kitsune Tuned Edition digital-to-analog converter on loan to demo and review. It’s a modern DAC with patented R-2R technology. It’s the first discrete DAC that has linear compensation. It uses a dual R-2R network for PCM and a dual R-2R network for DSD. The technology involved made this intriguing to me, partly ...