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1Want the best basshead headphones? We've got top lists for bass-heavy cans and IEMs. We might be wrong, but at least we're confident.

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2Got ears that just won't quit? Yeah, us too. These are all of the headphone earpads we have measurements for, our aurally-endowed friends.

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    • S/PDIF Battle: Mutec, Singxer, Lynx, Rednet, Eitr, Et Al. I am a born skeptic. Until I heard a properly good amplifier with legit headphones, I didn’t think they were necessary. Until I heard a good R-2R DAC against a theoretically-good Delta-Sigma DAC, I thought all DACs sounded essentially the same. As I’ve progressed in my audiophilia, I am left with few frontiers to conquer when ...
    • Taction Kannon Kickstarter – The End is In Sight! Only a few days left on the Taction Kannon Kickstarter campaign! These headphones are amazing and I really want them to become a reality so I get to own a pair myself! And I just noticed yesterday that they have a 15-day unconditional money-back guarantee! That’s so non-Kickstarter of them! But you won’t return them, because ...
    • Garage1217 Project Ember, Horizon, & Sunrise Review I have traversed significant audiophile ground over the past few years. My humble introduction to the world of high end audio were the Sennheiser HD555s. I’ve sojourned across the landscape ever since that time, buying and selling dozens of headphones, earphones, amplifiers, DACs, and other assorted audio accoutrements. In my journey, I have discovered a few ...
    • Taction Technology Kannon Kickstarter Call to arms, my basshead friends! The Taction Technology Kannons are now on Kickstarter! You can get them for ~$300 if you back them now! I put my money where my mouth is and ordered a pair. Taction Kannon Headphone Kickstarter What are they like? I did a preview! http://www.basshead.club/taction-kannon-prototype-review/
    • MHDT Labs Pagoda Review Welcome back guest reviewer @s1rrah! His reviews of the outstanding MHDT Labs R-2R NOS Tube DACs are excellent and thorough. Enjoy this comprehensive review of the venerated MHDT Labs Pagoda. MHDT Labs Pagoda: A Review and Comparison Intro ——————————————————————————————————— I’ve used MHDT Laboratories DACs for quite some time. Having spent a great amount of time exploring the DAC landscape so many ...