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1Want the best basshead headphones? We've got top lists for bass-heavy cans and IEMs. We might be wrong, but at least we're confident.

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2Got ears that just won't quit? Yeah, us too. These are all of the headphone earpads we have measurements for, our aurally-endowed friends.

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  • Basshead.Club’s Latest

    • MEElectronics M-Duo Review (Non-Basshead) After being impressed with the value of the MEElectronics M6 Pro, I wanted to take a look at a bassier IEM from the same company. The M-Duo is a dual dynamic driver earphone with a separate subwoofer and tweeter unit. That said, they were quick to point out to me that these are not basshead earphones, ...
    • MEElectronics M6 Pro Review (Non-Basshead) I’m a basshead. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t own or use other headphones and earphones that wouldn’t qualify. If something catches my eye, I’m likely to try it out. The MEElectronics M6 Pro caught my eye. Let’s cover what you get for $50: Universal-fit in-ear monitors (with plugs for detachable cables) Stereo cable with shirt clip and cable ...
    • Pioneer SE-CX9 Review First Impressions I just received¬†the Pioneer SE-CX9-S. I was expecting the bass exciter to be a gimmick. It is. But Holy F. Crank the EQ up on these, and it shakes like MAD. The bass is actually quite clear too. It has a good balanced armature driver and overall good quality, and the bass exciter actually does what it promises. Shakes ...
    • Welcome to Basshead.Club! Welcome to this shiny, fresh, and new website. There’s not a lot going on here yet, but we’ll be bringing you reviews of basshead headphones, earphones, and other audio equipment as we’re able. We’ll also keep a Top 10 Basshead Headphones list going both for standard headphones and IEMs. The former is supported by Hawaiibadboy’s efforts, ...