• Audio Gear

    Amp/DAC Combos

    • Emotiva Big Ego – A very good entry-to-mid-level combo dac/amp with selectable filtering options for the dac part.
    • Audio-GD Master-11 (Coming Soon…) – An incredible powerhouse class a balanced amplifier coupled with an amazing PCM1704U-K balanced dac? Yes, please. The best combo unit out there. Period. Exclamation.


    • Garage1217 Project Ember, Horizon, & Sunrise Review – The best bang-for-the-buck tube amps I’ve ever heard. I personally use the Horizon III and Sunrise III as my primary amps.
    • Vorzuge VorzAMP Duo – The best basshead amp we’ve heard, but the price will put many off. +15dB of sub-bass with the bass switch, but it costs more than $500.
    • Headstage Arrow 5TX – More tuning options than the Vorzuge with insane bass as well–less power overall, but even more portable.
    • Garage1217 Project Polaris – Perhaps the best value in solid state tube-like amps out there. Not specifically a basshead amp, but it’s amazing.
    • Cayin C5 – Not yet reviewed, but this is the best basshead amp for under $200. It’s portable, has high and low gain modes, and has a +5dB bass switch. Highly recommended.

    Digital-to-Analog Converters (DACs)

    • MHDT Labs Stockholm V2 – An incredible R/2R NOS Tube dac from MHDT using the heralded PCM56P-J chip.
    • MHDT Labs Pagoda – MHDT’s top-of-the-line R/2R NOS Tube dac using the legendary PCM1704 chip.
    • MHDT Labs Atlantis (Coming Soon…) – My favorite dac of all time. R/2R NOS Tube dac based on the legendary AD1862N-J chip. I own two of these (one for work and one for home).
    • MHDT Labs Orchid (Coming Soon…) – May very well knock the Atlantis out of the “my favorite DAC of all time” category. The TDA1541A chip is used in this one.
    • Schiit Bifrost Multibit (Coming Soon…) – An excellent entry point into the world of multibit dacs. Compact and resolving for a reasonable price, and Made in the USA.
    • Schiit Modi Multibit (Coming Soon…) – I actually prefer this to the Bimby above despite it costing less than half the price.