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    It’s been a long time since my last review here at Basshead.Club. Real life and work cut out my ability to properly maintain the site and even listen to music nearly as much as I’d like. That being said, it’s time to start catching up.

    Here, we have a trio from Brainwavz, a company that has been dominant in the price/performance category for years now.

    First, a quick rundown of the features according to Brainwavz themselves, then my own thoughts on each.

    HM2 Foldable Headphones

    HM2 Foldable Headphones

    • Smooth sound
    • Lightweight & Durable
    • Foldable Arms
    • Compact Size

    The sound is indeed fairly smooth overall on these headphones. They’re pleasant-sounding, comfortable, and are built well. They fold into a compact shell case and are easy to take with you. You can use them to talk on the phone with an in-line mic remote cable.

    The MSRP if the HM2 is $49.50. For the price, they boast outstanding value for the money and I would recommend them if you want an on-the-ear (or over-the-ear if you have smaller ears) headphone that can go with you, is durable, sounds pretty good, and looks good.

    This is the sweet spot for Brainwavz–a solidly built product that satisfies a particular segment at a devilishly good price.

    BLU-200 Bluetooth 4.0 aptX Earphones

    BLU-200 Bluetooth 4.0 aptX Earphones

    • Wireless Bluetooth earphones
    • Stylish matt black aluminum design
    • Full bodied sound signature

    My wife wanted some bluetooth earphones to work out with. We grabbed a few pairs of cheap ones and they were all terrible. Bad connectivity, bad sound, bad quality, just a waste of money.

    Then Brainwavz showed up with the BLU-200. Knowing the price-performance ratio they operate in, I was excited that these came in at $54.50. That means, to me, that they’re serious bluetooth earphones.

    And they are.

    These have served my wife well for months now without issue. They’re able to thump enough to get the beat going during a workout and have withstood undue punishment at the hands of a preschooler.

    Brainwavz gets another recommendation from me in the BLU-200. They’re the best bluetooth earphones I’ve heard at the price point, and nothing really touches them until you start edging up in the $100 range.

    B200 Dual Balanced Armature Earphones

    • Balanced audiophile grade sound
    • Dual balanced armature, tweeter & woofer configuration
    • Ergonomic over the ear design for comfortable fit.

    Whoa there, Brainwavz! $199? Am I reading this right? Okay, given how incredible the value of the Brainwavz lineup has been historically, this price point got me geeked for something amazing.

    What earphone could Brainwavz possibly believe is worth $200? My mental comparison jumped straight up to the likes of Noble Audio and other audiophile headphone giants. This must be good.

    Do the B200 earphones live up to the hype I built up in my head?

    Sadly, no.

    They’re built fine and are comfortable to wear. They sound good like any solid dual armature earphone in tweeter/woofer configuration could be expected to.

    What they don’t do is hit anywhere close to what Brainwavz is famous for. The value for the money is simply not there.

    There are many earphones at or under the $200 mark that are built better, sound better, or simply do something special that makes them worth the price of entry.

    This feels like a dramatic misstep to me with Brainwavz’s first foray into this price point.

    They’re not exactly flimsy, but they’re not stoutly built. I don’t feel like I could toss them across the room and have them stay 100% intact. The cable is decent, but it easily gets bends and maintains them permanently. It’s also not detachable.

    The sound is well-balanced and nothing to complain about, but most balance armature drivers come from the same manufacturer or two and you can find something with this signature that’s made much better or is a better value.

    I cannot recommend the Brainwavz B200. I really like the brand, but stepping out of value territory and entering the $200 range requires a bang, not a whimper. MEE audio recently stepped out of the value market and started selling a $200 earphone called the Pinnacle. That headphone is incredibly comfortable, perfectly built, has amazing (detachable) cables, and is everything you could want in a $200 earphone. The sound signature is not quite for me, but everything else about them screams quality.

    The B200 screams “WTF?” In Brainwavz terms, I’d expect these to come in at just below $100. At that price, they wouldn’t offend me. At $200, nope.

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