• RME Babyface Pro FS Review

    June 15, 2020 Luckbad 0

    I’ve had the RME Babyface Pro FS since shortly after launch and finally carved out some time to do a review. This is my first video review, so please throw any feedback you have my way. Enjoy!

  • ECP Audio Amplifiers

    May 5, 2019 Luckbad 0

    I recently had the privilege to acquire an older ECP Audio L-2 with upgraded CineMag transformers. It’s a slice of audio heaven. Naturally, I became interested in the current lineup of ECP Audio amplifiers, but information on them is rather scarce. I inquired with Douglas Savitsky, proprietor of ECP Audio, as to what amplifiers he […]

  • Luckbad’s Current Gear – Late 2017

    November 21, 2017 Luckbad 0

    I’ve been known to go through gear rather… quickly. I’ll try something and turn it around within a week or so if it doesn’t sing to me. I even sell stuff I enjoy at times if I’ve overspent or if I’m particularly curious about something else out there. This has blown through more money than […]

  • Updates: MHDT Labs & S/PDIF Battle

    July 26, 2017 Luckbad 0

    I’ve updated the MHDT Labs review to include the new TDA1541A-based Orchid: MHDT Labs Pagoda, Stockholm, Atlantis, Canary, and Orchid And the S/PDIF Battle roundup now includes the new Schiit Eitr: S/PDIF Battle: Mutec, Singxer, Lynx, Rednet, Eitr, Et Al. Enjoy!  

  • Taction Kannon Kickstarter – The End is In Sight!

    April 20, 2016 Luckbad 0

    Only a few days left on the Taction Kannon Kickstarter campaign! These headphones are amazing and I really want them to become a reality so I get to own a pair myself! And I just noticed yesterday that they have a 15-day unconditional money-back guarantee! That’s so non-Kickstarter of them! But you won’t return them, […]

  • Taction Technology Kannon Kickstarter

    March 15, 2016 Luckbad 0

    Call to arms, my basshead friends! The Taction Technology Kannons are now on Kickstarter! You can get them for ~$300 if you back them now! I put my money where my mouth is and ordered a pair. Taction Kannon Headphone Kickstarter What are they like? I did a preview! http://www.basshead.club/taction-kannon-prototype-review/

  • Bass Test Tracks

    January 17, 2016 Luckbad 3

    I’m often asked what songs I use to test bass in order to decide they are basshead-approved. I finally decided to stop typing long replies with a list of songs and instead to create a playlist. Want to test the bass potential of your headphones, speakers, or car? Give these tracks a listen. Basshead.Club – […]

  • Reviews in the Works

    August 2, 2015 Luckbad 0

    I try to spend a fair amount of time with gear before I review it. All of these reviews are coming, but I don’t have an ETA on them for you just yet. If you want my current opinions on any of this gear, let me know and I’ll happily comment. Sony MDR-XB90EX JVC HA-FXZ200 […]

  • Welcome to Basshead.Club!

    April 8, 2015 Luckbad 0

    Welcome to this shiny, fresh, and new website. There’s not a lot going on here yet, but we’ll be bringing you reviews of basshead headphones, earphones, and other audio equipment as we’re able. We’ll also keep a Top 10 Basshead Headphones list going both for standard headphones and IEMs. The former is supported by Hawaiibadboy’s […]