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    Basshead.Club is run by Ryan Shwayder, aka Luckbad.

    I’m an audio enthusiast, headphone addict, guitarist, and accused audiophile. My real life involves my family (that’s my son in the picture), my job as a game designer, and listening to and playing music.

    I started this website as a place to drop reviews of the many headphones, earphones, and other bits of kit I have used, as well as to provide my own perspective stemming from my large ears (make earpads bigger!) and preference for electronic and other bass-heavy music (read: basshead) and rock.

    I don’t go for perfectly balanced headphones. I want my music to soar. I don’t care what the producer wanted me to hear, I want to hear what I want to hear (not to mention that I don’t believe you can hear the same thing as the producer without identical audio equipment and identical hearing loss). Music is personal.

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