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    May 5, 2019 Luckbad 0

    I recently had the privilege to acquire an older ECP Audio L-2 with upgraded CineMag transformers. It’s a slice of audio heaven.

    Naturally, I became interested in the current lineup of ECP Audio amplifiers, but information on them is rather scarce.

    I inquired with Douglas Savitsky, proprietor of ECP Audio, as to what amplifiers he currently makes as of early-mid 2019 and he’s graciously allowed me to post that information here.

    Here’s the breakdown – the two you have seen the most about are probably the T4 ($2200) and the DSHA3F ($2800).

    In addition, there is the Ravenswood/DSHA3. It is pretty well the same circuit as the ‘3F (which is to say, transformer input for gain and a differential buffer driver) except it uses output transformers and the case is slightly larger. It is $3800. (To add a little confusion, I also have a new version of this I have been playing with recently. It does not have an official name yet (DSHA3Z for now) and it differs from the original in that it has more output power. It’s the same price. I’d only pick it if you want to power Abysses or something like that.)

    Then there is the L3 which is a fully differential tube (triode) amp. It sells for $4200. It has more voltage swing and power than the DSHA3.

    There is also the Copenhagen which is a fully differential tube amp, but it is a pentode based/transconductance amp and is a little more picky with headphones. It’s my favorite amp for Sennheisers, but I generally steer people away from it unless they are really interested in it for some reason, or really want to focus on the Senns. It is also $4200 and looks just like the L3.

    Finally there is the Apsara 2 which is a DHT based amp. It costs $8000. And the Ravenswood/DSHA4 which starts at $6000.

    If you are interested in an amp for most dynamics, I’d look at the T4 as a nice general purpose amp. If you want all tube, or a bit more power, then L3. And if you want a general purpose solid state amp, then DSHA3.

    DSHA3F is a specialty amp for Focals, and Copenhagen is a specialty amp for Sennheisers.

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