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    After being impressed with the value of the MEElectronics M6 Pro, I wanted to take a look at a bassier IEM from the same company.

    The M-Duo is a dual dynamic driver earphone with a separate subwoofer and tweeter unit. That said, they were quick to point out to me that these are not basshead earphones, but are bassier than their standard offerings. As such, I’m reviewing these as what they are: an in-ear headphone that has a discreet dynamic driver dedicated to the low end.


    • Dual driver design with separate subwoofer for deep, impactful bass with clean vocals and clear instruments
    • Integrated microphone and remote for calls and media control on smartphones, tablets, and more
    • In-Ear design provides noise isolation and comfort for extended use
    • Stylish and durable metal construction looks as good as it sounds


    What’s in the Box

    • M-Duo Dual Dynamic Driver in-ear earphone with inline mic and remote
    • 6 sets of ear tips
    • Zipper carrying case
    • Shirt Clip
    • User manual



    I like to keep my reviews short and sweet. The shortest version of this review: These are the most pleasant dual driver earphones I’ve heard for under $100. They sound lovely, clear, and gratifying. They are v-shaped, but nothing overwhelms anywhere in the frequency range and the treble (which I am sensitive to) is not fatiguing at all.

    These slot in nicely for me in the “curl up and read a book on the patio” category when listening to more ambient type electronic music (like Melorman’s Open Your Eyes). But, they can also flex their muscles with indie rock music (like The Fratellis’ Chelsea Dagger) by providing an engaging experience complemented by a good kick line.

    Being a basshead, these don’t quite satisfy with extremely bassy music for me, though they can provide some rumble when equalized. However, for people who haven’t corrupted themselves by listening to headphones and earphones that literally rock your ears, these provide plenty of bass without overwhelming the frequency spectrum.

    If you’re looking for versatile earphones and enjoy a little extra bass punch on top of wonderful clarity, the MEElectronics M-Duo provides what you want in spades at a price point that won’t break the bank. For many, this would be a great first step toward the world of audiophile earphones.

    I’ve become a fan of MEElectronics because of the generous value on their entire product line (many companies would charge 2-4x the price for what you get) and the excellent customer service I’ve received.

    The main negative for me with these earphones is that MEElectronics also has the brilliant M6 Pro at the same price point. Compared to the value for the money, these are slightly less comfortable as I can’t sleep with them on my side, they have fewer accessories (though plenty compared to other offerings), don’t have detachable cables, and the in-line remote lacks volume control. Compared to everything else at this price point other than MEElec’s own M6 Pro, this is great value for the money (it should be noted that you get two drivers and crossover for the price).

    Note: I talked to MEElectronics and the reason these don’t have an in-line volume control is because of impedance interactions with the crossover. It ends up changing the frequency response depending on volume control position. There is a method to their madness, and many Balanced Armature and higher-end models won’t have volume control because of it.

    Burn-in: I burned these in for ~20 hours before engaging in a proper review. Burn-in seems to have improved bass response a bit, but no significant changes were noted.

    MEElectronics M-Duo Specifications

    driver dual dynamic drivers
    frequency response 10 Hz to 20 kHz
    impedance 16 Ohms at 1K
    sensitivity 101 dB
    noise isolation up to 27 dB
    cable length 135 cm / 53 in

    MEElectronics M-Duo

    $50 MSRP









    Reviewer Bias



    • Ample bass and clarity
    • No listening fatigue
    • Good quality construction (and stylish)
    • Amazing customer service
    • Comfortable for hours


    • Cables not detachable
    • Value eclipsed by their own M6 Pro
    • No inline volume controls
    • Not a basshead IEM

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