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    April 23, 2015 Luckbad 5

    I’m a basshead. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t own or use other headphones and earphones that wouldn’t qualify. If something catches my eye, I’m likely to try it out.

    The MEElectronics M6 Pro caught my eye.

    Let’s cover what you get for $50:

    • Universal-fit in-ear monitors (with plugs for detachable cables)
    • Stereo cable with shirt clip and cable cinch and memory wire
    • Headset cable with shirt clip, mic, remote, and truly universal volume control (integrated) and cable cinch and memory wire
    • Gold-plated 1/4″ stereo adapter
    • Carrying case large enough for included accessories and many portable amps
    • 6 sets of silicone eartips and 1 set of Comply tips
    • 1 year warranty + lifetime half-price replacement

    That’s more features and accessories than anything I’ve seen at this price point. The bigger question is, how does the M6 Pro sound?



    I already mentioned this is not a basshead earphone. I’m not going to be talking as much about bass depth and impact as I normally would.

    That said, the MEElectronics M6 Pro is warm sounding earphone with very good bass depth and decent impact, as well solid clarity throughout the frequency range. The treble is not sibilant, but on some particularly sparkly songs, the M6 Pro can get a little fatiguing (though I’ve found this to be reducing with time–it seems these are benefiting from a bit of burn-in, or my brain stopped getting headaches from the frequency response with familiarity).

    I haven’t found the sound to scale up much at all with amplification. These sound just as good out of my phone as they do from my four amps I had on hand. This isn’t a bad thing at all, because most people are going to use these straight from their phones, and the quality is solid that way. They respond decently to equalization, and you can pull out a fair amount of bass depth from them with EQ. I wasn’t able to get a lot of impact with them before they started to distort (more than most IEMs, just not to basshead level).

    Isolation is par for the course with universal in-ear monitors. It’s good and doesn’t have a bunch of extra ports to let noise in and out, and with the Comply isolations tips included, you don’t hear a lot of the outside world.

    Comfort is superb. I can wear these for hours on end, and I have slept with them in without issue (and I’m a side sleeper).

    Build quality is very good overall. Everything seems sturdy. Minor qualms: My volume control was a bit sticky and hard to adjust in micro-increments, and it introduced some channel imbalanced. MEElectronics sent me a new cable with return shipping included. I’ve also started rubbing off the R and L indicators already, which means I’ll eventually have to guess which side is which if I keep swapping cables.

    Note that 6.3mm adapter is specially sourced to work with 4-pin cables. It’s the only one I’ve ever had that works with headset cables properly. I asked if they would sell them separately and it sounds like they eventually will. I’ll buy a bunch; I’ve tried a dozen others that don’t work correctly.

    The MEElectronics M6 Pro is an incredible value and is the best-sounding IEM I’ve heard at its price point. Despite owning in-ears at many times the price, I plan to use these when I’m looking for more balanced tonal character, when I’m sleeping, or when I’m talking on the phone for a long period of time.

    MEElectronics M6 Pro Specifications

    Speaker Specifications

    driver type moving coil (dynamic)
    driver size 10 mm
    frequency response 20 Hz to 20 kHz
    impedance 16 Ohms at 1K
    sensitivity 100±3 dB (1mW at 1KHZ)
    maximum power input 30mW

    Microphone Specifications

    directivity omnidirectional
    frequency response 100 Hz to 10 kHz
    sensitivity -42dB± 3dB

    Product Details

    ear coupling intraaural (in-ear)
    cable length 51 inches (1.3m), detachable
    cable connector 3.5mm, right angle plug
    weight 5.8oz (164g)
    water resistance rating IPX5
    included accessories protective carrying case, eartips, shirt clips, spare cable, ¼” adapter


    MEElectronics M6 Pro

    $50 MSRP









    Reviewer Bias



    • Best sound at the price
    • Great value
    • Comfortable
    • Abundant accessories
    • Great customer service


    • Original headset cable was defective
    • Needs a bit of time to break in
    • Not a basshead IEM!

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    5 thoughts on “MEElectronics M6 Pro Review (Non-Basshead)

    • impruv says:

      I’m still not sure if I consider myself a basshead. I’m a aspiring DJ and currently use TMA-1’s and JVC FX1X. From that alone based on reviews I’m in the basshead category. However, I’ve not used anything else and not sure if I would actually prefer a bit less bass to get smoother tones or more clarity. Since you loved these headphones so much even as a basshead, I’ve decided to order these to give myself a try at a different sound signature.

      For future reference, I think you should still give a bass rating on your ‘non basshead’ category just to give a frame of reference. And as guess my question to you is as an update, what would you give the m6 pro compared to say, the FX3X which is the only other one I’ve heard on your top 10 list?


      • Luckbad says:

        M6 Pro would probably be 5.5-6 Bass vs. 8-8.5 Bass for the FX3X. They’re very different headphones, so it’ll be good for you to check them out in comparison to each other.

    • impruv says:

      Thanks for that reply. I guess with those ratings it would seem the M6Pro is exactly what I’m looking for. Slightly less bass but more detailed and more clarity. It will probably be my go to for gym as well since my FX doesn’t stay in my ear properly.

      One more question, which is better, the Narmoo S1 or FX3X?

      • Luckbad says:

        I think detail retrieval on the NarMoo is better, but the FX3X have more satisfying bass. If I had to pick one over the other, I’d probably go with the JVC.

    • Harsh and very shrill to the point of hurting my ears! Burned them in for 100 HOURS and that didn’t help much at all. Very disappointed with all the hype.

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